Sponsorship Forms and Documents

Information for any interested in sponsoring Buckeye Current

For more information:

For any company that might be interested in sponsoring Current, but is a little unsure and looking for some more details, the Buckeye Current Sponsorship Packet 2016-2017 lays out a few key points about the team to add to your considerations, including: our incredible accomplishments, where we compete, and a few of the more popular benefits our sponsors receive. However we’re always open to discussions about how our two organizations can best work together. If you have any further questions, contact information is provided at the end of the document.

Please note, this document is presently slightly outdated, and will be updated as soon as possible. The majority of the information will not change, though, so it is still both usable and useful for a potential sponsor.


Starting the discussion:

If you are planning on reaching out to the team to discuss details about a Buckeye Current sponsorship, the Sponsor Agreement Form 2016-2017 can help facilitate discussions by giving you an idea of some standard donation levels we see, as well as giving both us and your organization a clearly written document laying out the details of the donation and benefits to be received. This document will be finalized as we continue discussions.


After the donation:

Thanks for your support! If you donated to our iGive using the link in the document, everything is finalized and we will work to complete the agreed upon benefits for your company.

If your donation was in-kind, through either parts or services, your donation is still eligible for tax credit. To help facilitate that process for your company, you’ll need to fill out the Gift-In-Kind Form and submit it to the team once the donation goes through.


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