Music & Science Colloquium and Teaching Series (MASCATS)

Music & Science Colloquium and Teaching Series (MASCATS)

MASCATS is a symposium series that combines research across the humanities and social sciences, with a focus on how music-related subjects can inform—and be informed by—other disciplines and engage researchers across the university in STEAM-related creative ideas. We aim to foster interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers across the Ohio State campus and at other universities in the U.S. and abroad. In particular, our focus is on the exploration of music and the mind as it interacts with a variety of empirical disciplines, including music, dance, English, psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, and speech & hearing science.

MASCATS sponsors a variety of activities in order to broaden and deepen the understanding of music and science. Some examples of these activities include sponsoring presentations and public lectures from professional researchers, conducting outreach events, holding symposia for undergraduate and graduate students, supporting academic workshops, and organizing specialized conferences.

Leadership Team

Co-chairs: Lindsay Warrenburg & Lindsey Reymore

Advisor: Daniel Shanahan

Some Past Speakers

Laura Wagner
How Children Perceive Regional Dialect

Yune Lee
The Connection Between Speech, Language, and Music

Vita Berezina-Blackburn
Ways of Seeing Movement: Motion Capture and Visualization at ACCAD

Megan Kaes Long
Three Myths about the History of Tonality

Andrew Goldman
Using Neuroscience in Music Research: Critical Challenges and Contributions

Thank you to the organizations who have funded MASCATS!

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