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The Muscle Movement Foundation at Ohio State is a student-led organization that raises funding and awareness for individuals in the Central Ohio community fighting neuromuscular disease. The Muscle Movement Foundation (MMF) at Ohio State works to empower these “Muscle Champions” financially, physically, and emotionally to insure the highest quality of life in the face of these diseases. Founded in August 2017 by Ohio State student Dominic Cicconi, the organization was recognized as an active organization by the Ohio State University in October 2017 and became the first collegiate chapter of the national organization, the Muscle Movement Foundation. Cicconi was inspired to start the Muscle Movement Foundation at Ohio State following his battle with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a rare immune illness that led to temporary nerve damage, muscle loss, and temporary partial paralysis in his legs, arms, and face. In a three month span, Cicconi gained a new perspective about the diminished quality of life as a result from neuromuscular issues. Following his full recovery, he was motivated to start the Muscle Movement Foundation at Ohio State to help individuals who face far worse symptoms and long-term, deteriorating¬†conditions. With the help of Muscle Movement Foundation founder, Rob DeMasi, and a strong founding executive board, the Muscle Movement Foundation at Ohio State has experienced promising growth thus far and the group is very excited for what the future holds. With the strength of a team of Buckeyes, muscle disease does not stand a chance!

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Twitter & Instagram: mmf_osu

Phone Number: 302-598-3637

MMF National Website:


For a detailed look into MMF at Ohio State, consult the organization’s constitution here:¬†Muscle Movement Foundation at Ohio State Constitution-ynq1vz

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