Welcome to the official website of 107th Class of Mortar Board at The Ohio State University. 

Mortar Board is a national honor society recognizing college seniors for their exemplary scholarship, leadership and service.

– Mortar Board, Inc., as an honor society, is an association of individuals selected for distinguished ability and achievement in scholarship, leadership and service, which recognizing the advantages of a national union of senior honor societies, has formed a national honor society, whose purpose shall be to facilitate cooperation among those societies, to contribute to the self-awareness of its members, to promote equal opportunities among all peoples, to emphasize the advancement of the status of women, to support the ideals of the college or university, to advance a spirit of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership, to provide service, and to establish the opportunity for a meaningful exchange of ideas as individuals and as a group.

Founding – Mortar Board was founded on February 15, 1918, with chapters at four institutions: Cornell University, The University of Michigan, The Ohio State University and Swarthmore College.

However, the first Ohio State Mortar Board chapter was founded in 1914!

Mission – Mortar Board, Inc., a national honor society that recognizes college seniors for their achievements in scholarship, leadership and service, provides opportunities for continued leadership development, promotes service to colleges and universities and encourages lifelong contributions to the global community. (Adopted July 1994)

Motto – Pi Sigma Alpha, letters that correspond to three Greek words representing the ideals of Mortar Board: scholarship, leadership and service.

Symbol – A mortarboard, an ancient symbol of honor and distinction, represents the organization. Many early scholars adopted the clerical or monastic robes as a symbol, illustrating their devotion to learning.

Colors – Gold (representing achievement) and silver (symbolizing opportunity)