Fall 2019 Calendar

Autumn Semester 2019


  • August 18th 4:00pm-7:00pm
    • Graduate Involvement Fair


  • September 9th 6:30pm-8:00pm Page Hall Policy Forum
    • OSU ICMA Informational Session
  • September 23rd 6:00pm – 7:00pm Page Hall Policy Forum
    • Parks & Recreation Round Table


  • October 22nd 7:00pm – 8:00pm Page Hall Policy Forum
    • Finance & Economic Development Roundtable


  • TBD

Chapter Officers

President, Maggie Walsh 

Maggie is originally from Northeast Ohio. She earned her B.A. in Public Management, Leadership & Policy from The Ohio State University in 2017. Following her undergraduate studies she worked for Oracle Corporation in Boston, Massachusetts before returning to Ohio State to pursue her Master of Public Administration. Maggie hopes to work in state and local government with a focus on management and social policy.

VP & Treasurer, Andrew Borst

Andrew is a dual degree Masters student whose policy interests focus on economic development and more broadly on helping Ohio increase its economic edge through the development of its workforce, infrastructure, and business climate. Andrew will graduate with a Masters of Public Administration and Masters of Applied Economics in May 2020.

Director of Membership & Shadowing, Sarah Brandes

Sarah is currently pursuing a B.A. in Public Management, Leadership & Policy focused on urban policy and management. She has interned in both local government management at the City of Elgin, IL and at the Federal Transit Administration.

Undergraduate Representative, Lexi Kisor

Lexi is from Bowling Green, Ohio. Lexi is currently pursuing a B.A. in Public Management, Leadership & Policy at The Ohio State University. She is a second year focused on civic engagement and education policy. Lexi is passionate about exploring local government and creating involvement opportunities on the local level for undergraduate students.

About ICMA

Local Government

This is a form of government existing at the base level of communities. Often times this is the city, village, municipality or region in which one lives. Local governments are vital in shaping community growth, innovation and inclusion. Many public policy movements being on this level of government.

Some of the most notable areas of local government expertise are economic development, planning, community affairs, parks & recreation, public safety, legal affairs, local courts, mayors, city council, city management and finance/budgeting.


The purpose of the ICMA Student Chapter at Ohio State University is to:

  1. Learn about what local government is, looks like & how you can be a part of it.
  2. Learn more about organizing and influencing policy, programs, and services on the local government level.
  3. Establish connections between students and local government leaders.
  4. Discuss new and existing practices for local government.
  5. Familiarize students with ICMA, the premier local government management association, its members, resources, and policies;
  6. Establish connections between local government management theories, practices, and applications through tangible and actual examples.
  7. Cultivate a learning community wherein members actively share experiences and learn from one another.


  • Membership is FREE!
  • Free registration for the annual conference
  • A Knowledge Network profile on ICMA.org with access to information on best practices, interviews, fellowships, internships, networking, and much more!
  • Access to Who’s Who, a great networking tool
  • Access to the ICMA Job Board
  • Full Digital membership, including ICMA’s newsletter, PM Magazine Online, members-only files, and content (such as the Job Hunting Handbook and Leading Ideas interviews)
  • Webinars and podcasts exclusively for student chapter members

 Source: icma.org