The team's first creation

5Ah 25C Blue LiPO; 112s7p Tritium WaveSculptor200 Remy HVH250

BATTERY PACK 5Ah 25C Blue LiPo; 112s7p

Tritium WaveSculptor200

Remy HVH250

RW-1 was the first team attempt at building an electric motorcycle, and to say that it turned out well would be an understatement. The bike was developed over the course of two years solely with the intention of going to the Isle of Man TT Zero, and while that sadly did not happen due to time and design constraints, the team took it to two East Coast Timing Association land speed record events. At the first event in Maxton, our team set a record of 112 mph. At the second, just a few short weeks later, that record was broken and we achieved a land speed record of 145 mph.

Though this was not ideal, and likely not what the team wanted out of the first two years of development, we still overcame numerous difficulties to set a land speed record. On the very first electric bke the team had created. This was just the start of a long string of incredible accomplishments, and so started us down the line of expecting excellence with every bike we design.

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