The team's professional debut

AEE 3.6V 20Ah NCM; 108s2p Tritium WaveSculptor200 Enstroj EMRAX 228MV

BATTERY PACK AEE 3.6V 20Ah NCM; 108s2p

Tritium WaveSculptor200

Enstroj EMRAX 228MV

RW-2 was the first real attempt at a street-racing machine. Compared to RW-1, it was a completely new design, tailor-made for competing at the Isle of Man TT Zero and only the Isle of Man. In addition to complete powertrain upgrades, the team also began creating custom-designed electrical hardware and software, like battery management and datalogging systems, giving the team a platform for upgrade and refinement for years to come.

This year was also the first year in a long and flourishing relationship with Robert Barber, an Isle of Man veteran with countless races under his belt. Having gotten in touch with Rob before the race, he volunteered to ride for us and led us to a  third place finish in our debut international professional racing competition. In addition to beating numerous teams with budgets 100x ours and placing on the podium, the team also received two awards specifically commending us for our technological prowess: the University Prize and the Motul Award for Technical Performance.

Venturi Moto

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