The team's statement of permanence

AAE 3.6V 20Ah NCM; 110s2p Tritium WaveSculptor200 Enstroj EMRAX 268MV

BATTERY PACK AAE 3.6V 20Ah NCM; 110s2p

Tritium WaveSculptor200

Enstroj EMRAX 268MV

There was some doubt in the public after our showing at the 2013 IoM TT Zero as to how Buckeye Curernt would’ve placed if one competitor had not dropped out, so we were determined to prove that our podium finish in our professional debut was not a fluke. After the record-breaking showing of RW-2 at the Isle of Man, the team had a taste of the podium and was not ready to settle for anything less. RW-2x was the answer to those doubts and our goals, and it did nothing but impress.

Rob Barber returned as the veteran rider for Buckeye Current, determined to continue helping us grow as a race team. Under his helm Buckeye Curret again placed 3rd, securing the second straight podium finish for team Buckeye Current in the 2014 Isle of Man TT Zero.

Again we beat out teams with hundreds of thousands of dollars, and again our unique, albeit young, approach to designing and building a race machine was rewarded. In addition to placing 3rd, we were also rewarded the Institute of Engineering and Technology’s Best Endeavor award, cementing our place in the world of professional motorcycle racing.

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