Global Game Jam 2012 Collection

There were four games produced at Ohio State during the 2012 Game Jam.

Auralboros was made in Unity by two Ball State students and their professor. It’s an experimental rhythm-type game… have fun with it! This game tried for the 1D diversifier, which stated that the game must be played in one dimension.

Heads Are Tails was made in GameMaker:HTML5 by four Ball State students. It’s a multiplayer game where you try to devour your opponents to grow bigger. Grow to a certain size and then devour your tail to win! This game tried for the Followers diversifier, which stated that a growing number of NPCs would follow the player. This game supports up to 26 players – good luck crowding that many around a single keyboard!

Ouro Board was made in Flash/Flex ActionScript 3 mainly by people around Columbus, including Ohio State. It is a multiplayer game where you flip tiles in an attempt to outrace your opponent.

Snakes In A Tower was made in XNA (using Box2D for physics) with 3 people in Columbus, at least two of them OSU students, and occasionally a University of Akron student as a unregistered fourth member. It is a game where you try to get a giant snake to eat people, making it grow. Eventually, you can make it eat itself

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