12/4 Meeting

Tomorrow is our last meeting of the semester! We’ll be playing Jackbox and hanging out to chill a bit as the impending doom of finals nears. Join us for this respite if you can, and thank you all for making this a wonderful semester!

Have a wonderful break, happy holidays, and see you next year!

11/20 Meeting

Tomorrow, we’ll be meeting in Campbell 309 from 7 – 8:30 to showcase everything you’ve made for the month long projects! Remember, you don’t need to have a full game to show; this is all about sharing the cool things you’ve done, seeing everyone’s ideas, and talking about all the fun bugs we hit along the way.

On a more serious note, we have been made aware that a white supremacist group had planned to meet in the area tomorrow in response to a speaker that was coming to campus. From our understanding, the speaker and consequently the hijack have been cancelled, but we wanted to make sure you all were aware of the situation. To be on the safe side, please exercise caution while coming to Campbell, and let us know if you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

11/13 Meeting

Tomorrow, we’ll be giving you the whole meeting to work in groups on your month long projects. We’ll be meeting from 7 – 8:30 in Campbell 309 as always. Hope to see you there!

Next week, we’ll be bringing this project to a close (at least officially) and holding a showcase for everything you’ve created. By no means do you need a completed game to share, nor do you have to stop working on your games here; we’re just excited to see what you all have come up with so far and let you share that with others.

11/6 Meeting

We hope you all had an appropriately spooky Halloween! We have an exciting meeting for you all tomorrow: Alex Merkel from Button Punch Games will be coming to speak to us about his experience making a game and working in the industry. Come to Campbell 309 from 7 – 8:30 for this awesome opportunity!

Also, quick reminder that the Game Creation Club shirts designed by Sydney are available for purchase here. Follow the link to show your support of the club and get an awesome piece of clothing.

10/30 Meeting

Tomorrow we’ll be meeting again in Campbell 309 from 7 – 8:30. We’ll be talking about art style and character design in games, and will again be taking time at the end of the meeting to work in groups on our month long projects. We hope to see you there!

Next week, we have a speaker coming! Alex Merkert from Button Punch Games will be joining us to talk about working as a game dev and what it was like to make and publish his game, Spinball.

Also: we have T-shirts! Sydney’s winning design is available for purchase here. Thanks to everyone who submitted a design; it was a real treat to see what you all came up with.

And last but not least: Happy Halloween, ghoulish gamers!

10/23 Meeting

Tomorrow we’ll be back in Campbell 309 from 7 – 8:30 to vote on t-shirt designs, talk about design documents, and work on month-long projects in groups. Join us for a (hopefully) fun and productive meeting.

Also, if you have a t-shirt design you’ve yet to submit, please upload it here before tomorrow’s meeting. We want to see all your wonderful creations!

10/16 Meeting

First of all, important note: our meeting this week will be in Campbell 251 from 7 – 8:30, not Campbell 309; same building, down a floor.

We’ll be starting our month long projects tomorrow! Come with ideas of what kind of game you’d like to make. After we give a basic overview of the project, you’ll have time to form groups and develop your ideas. If you can’t make the meeting, we’ll be posting what groups formed on the discord, so look there if you’re interested in participating.

Also, the t-shirt contest is still ongoing! As in last week’s email, here are some resources, and here is the submission form. Again, we only ask that you include “Game Creation Club” or “GCC” somewhere in the design and will reward the winning designer with a free shirt. We’ll be voting on submissions during our meeting next week, so get yours in!

10/9 Meeting

In anticipation of fall break, this week we’ll be playing Jackbox and hanging out in Campbell 309 from 7 – 8:30. Feel free to bring other games, too, though do be aware we only have the one projector to work with.

As a head’s up, at next week’s meeting we’ll be beginning month-long projects. We’ll be providing more details in the next email, but get ready to group up and make some games.

Also, we’re hosting a t-shirt design competition! We’ve compiled some resources here, including club assets and available base shirt colors. The only parameter is to include “GCC” or “Game Creation Club” somewhere in your design. The winner will receive a free shirt and the glory of having made the design.
Submissions are due by 5 pm on October 23rd. We’ll vote on them at that day’s meeting. Upload them here.

10/2 Meeting

Thanks to everyone who came to the game jam! We hope you had fun and learned a thing or two.

Tomorrow, we’ll be meeting again in Campbell Hall 309 from 7 – 8:30 pm to show off everything you made at the jam. If you made something and want to share it, bring a device that can run it and we’ll give you the spotlight of the projector to show it off.

Also, send us what you made! We publish your games on our website and share them at GDEX. If you’re interested, please send the files through this form. To be clear, you don’t have to submit anything here to present at the meeting tomorrow; this is just to archive your hard work.

GCC Fall Game Jam!

This year’s first in-house Game Jam will be held September 27-29 in Enarson Classroom Building room 222, starting Friday at 6 pm and ending Sunday at 5 pm. Game jams are weekend long events in which you or a team make an entire game in 48 hours. While this may seem like a difficult feat if you are new to game development, game jams are the perfect place to learn! Everyone is welcome to participate in the game jam, regardless of experience or involvement with the club. You do not have to attend the entire game jam, and you are welcome to participate in whatever way you can.

We look forward to seeing what everyone creates!

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