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Welcome to Actuarial Club at Ohio State!

We offer challenging work with excellent opportunities for professional and personal advancement that encourages the development of actuarial thought leaders. Our goal is to provide opportunities for our employees to learn and grow during every step of their careers.

The Generational Mashup | The Actuary Magazine

Imagine this: a workplace devoid of the internet, email, iPhones or texting. For some actuaries, it doesn’t take much imagining, because we lived it! For others, it is difficult to picture, because it is either a faint memory or a workplace we’ve never experienced.

Breaking New Ground | The Actuary Magazine

“As we have heard from leaders in many industries, the pace of change will never be slower than it is today,” says Milliman’s Pat Renzi. This insight is as true for actuaries as it is for other business professionals. This article takes a prospective look at where the actuarial profession might be heading over the next five years.