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In November 2017, CELLOHIO collaborated with Brendan Jan Walsh, internationally celebrated DJ and cellist currently living in Amsterdam, to produce the first Classical Music Rave in North America.

More than 375 students, musicians, and community members made music history on Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2017 at the first Classical Music Rave in North America. Presented at TRISM in Columbus, OH and produced by CELLOHIO, PARTY ARTY featured local artists Sweet Teeth, an electronic pop duo; XIOMA, an acoustic cello project; and CELLOHIO, Ohio State University’s cello orchestra. Brendan Jan Walsh, Creative Director and Co-Founder of the original Classical Music Rave in Amsterdam, headlined PARTY ARTY under his stage name, Mr Van Walsh.

In 2013, a group of musicians including Jan Walsh created Classical Music Rave. “We were a group of friends, who happened to be classical music lovers, frustrated with the rather stiff etiquette in concert halls,” explained Jan Walsh, now Artistic Managing Director of Classical Music Rave. “Most composers were rebels in their time, so why can’t we have fun with classical music and let people express themselves freely when listening to it?”. Classical Music Rave combines the artistry of a symphony hall with the dynamic of a popular dance club.

Born in the UK, raised in Belgium, and based in the Netherlands, Brendan Jan Walsh works across the globe as strategic consultant, speaker, and cultural entrepreneur. His artistic alter ego, Mr Van Walsh , is an indieclassical DJ and cellist. Indieclassical is an emerging, global movement of classically trained musicians who transcend arbitrary genre distinctions with inclusive innovation.

PARTY ARTY, the first Classical Music Rave event in North America, will showcase local, genre-bending ensembles– all of which feature cello. Mr Van Walsh, the headlining act, will DJ a set that blends EDM beats with classical music. “ Fusing genres isn’t a gimmick to make classical relevant. Fusion is music’s bright horizon. We know we are stronger, together,” Jan Walsh said.

PARTY ARTY honored the tradition of classical music while bringing fascinating, new artistic perspectives into the fold. Fusing genres isn’t a gimmick to make classical relevant. Fusion is music’s bright horizon. We know we are stronger, together. Inclusive innovation is the future of music, as PARTY ARTY demonstrated.

“The weirdest, most amazing night I’ve had in a while” –Janella Vanessa

“So many different types of people, and everyone was having fun together” – Diego Arellano

“Huge breadth of people ranging from the classically inclined to the raging ravers” –Joseph Emsley



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