Fall 2020 Announcements

Hello everyone!

With another semester about to start, so is another year of Game Creation Club. We are extremely excited to see everyone soon, but before we do we have some important announcements for this year.

Like many other student orgs, this semester we will be virtual. Weekly meetings will be held in our Discord server starting September 2nd. This will be a learning process for everyone as we adapt our regular meetings to the virtual setting so we’d love to hear feedback from you all throughout this semester. We want to continue to foster the community environment we’ve had in previous years, despite everything being online.

If you have not joined the Discord server already, you can join using this link.
With the emphasis of everything being virtual, we are also revamping the Discord server! There will now be bots for you all to use so you can set your Discord tags based on your interests (Coder, Artist, Musician, etc). We will also be creating new “Specialist” roles that members will be able to apply to. These specialists will be the go-to people to ask when members have questions, similar in function to a study tutor. There will be a variety of specialists for different subjects such as Unity, Blender, and more. We’ll talk more in-depth about this role, and how members can apply during our meetings.

Our first meeting will be held September 2nd, but we’ll also be at the Virtual Involvement Fair that’ll be held August 23rd. Make sure you stay tuned to more announcements by joining our mailing list and Discord.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

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