Conspiracy Theories I Made Up Just Now That Can Easily Be Disproven

• Every airport was designed by someone who didn’t pass architecture school. • The voice inside everyone’s head sounds exactly the same. • The grass is wet in the morning because that’s when all the squirrels and birds pee. Have… Continue Reading →

Breaking News: Making Fun of Women for Existing is Misogynistic

Women. You can’t live with ‘em and you can’t live without ‘em. As much as I’d love to call myself a “ladies’ expert”, I have to admit that I don’t understand a goddamn thing about women. Men and women live… Continue Reading →

Op-Ed: I Participate in Film Class Because I Like to Hear the Sound of a Woman’s Voice

GATEWAY FILM CENTER—While signing up for Introduction to Film to fulfill a Gen Ed requirement, I never expected to be a fervent participant. I’m just a simple girl from a small Southern town who would lay down my life for… Continue Reading →

Groupchat Awkwardly Skitters Around Misogynistic Comment

COLUMBUS, OH—Following the sending of a lighthearted comment about homework, a groupchat of college age white liberals was in for a shock. This past Tuesday night, Ashlee Daleston, 19, sent a text to her floor’s GroupMe chat, complaining about an… Continue Reading →

Inspiring: Geese Committedly Egalitarian in Practice of Mischief and Bastardry

Witnessing a goose chase yet another person and bite their leg in the local park, onlookers confirmed that there is truly no one to whom these egalitarian waterfowls will not be right little water-foul bastards. “It’s truly moving, just how… Continue Reading →

Local Woman Has Bangs

Following multiple unconfirmed reports, local woman Katie Walters has come forward, admitting the truth through an Instagram post of herself with her new haircut and the caption “Yes, I have bangs”. This revelation has sent shock waves through the community,… Continue Reading →

Manic Pixie Dream Girls Threaten Unionization

Elizabethtown—Standing up against against the imaginations of sad, lonely male writers, pastel haired girls across the country are gluing macaroni to cardboard to begin protesting for better conditions. “I just feel like hair dye is expensive, constantly coming up with… Continue Reading →

Four Fall Trends to Catch the Eye of that Special Someone

1. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Bold accessories are all the rage this Fall. A pair of statement earrings can totally transform any outfit. If clunky jewelry isn’t really your thing, don’t fret! A fancy scarf is always a good idea. I… Continue Reading →

“Woke King” Does Bare Minimum

All is right in the world of feminism as the power of allies grows daily. Just this week, self-described feminist Jacob Fenstermaker heard somebody say the wage gap doesn’t exist, a statement he responded to by mumbling: “That’s not true… Continue Reading →

Woman Comedian: ‘Biggest Victim of Discrimination in Comedy is Millionaire Jerry Seinfeld’

Brooklyn, New York—Taking a break from her day job as a dog walker, aspiring standup comic Ally Hestin expressed worry about the social effects of today’s politically correct climate. “Comedy right now is at a crisis point,” the 25-year-old said…. Continue Reading →

Hero! Woman Writes Long Email Without Apologizing For It

While composing an email to send to her male colleague, Lucy Paulson, a project manager at a Chicago software company, heroically decided against including a sentence apologizing for her message’s extended length.  Paulson often finds herself concerned with her male… Continue Reading →

Quiz: Which Infamous Female Murderer Are You?

Women have been kicking ass and taking names ever since Eve first disrespected fruit property rights. While normally we take time to admire all the badass ladies who have ever lived by celebrating them during Women’s History Month (from March… Continue Reading →

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