Worm Boyfriend Ends Relationship After Date Turns Into Person

YOUR NEIGHBOR’S LAWN, OH—The worm community’s two youngest lovebirds, Wally and Wendy, tragically split after Wendy underwent a mysterious transformation. “We had been going six months strong,” Wally told us days after the split, “and then one day she comes… Continue Reading →

The Sundial Humor Magazine 30-Day Song Challenge

Created by Idris Malik, Social Media Officer 

COMIC: Mr. Piss, Sir

Created by Francesca Varga, Social Media Officer 

Piss-tionary, the Best Thing Since Dick Charades

I know what you’re thinking: there’s no way this could be a serious concern. And I agree. Piss-tionary is absolutely, undoubtedly, 200% better than Dick Charades.  Dick Charades is elitist and sexist. Waving your junk around isn’t accessible enough for… Continue Reading →

Nietzsche: If You Piss Into the Abyss, the Abyss Will Piss Back At You

LÜTZEN, GERMANY – Dead long enough to develop a piss fetish, nihilist German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche rose from the grave yesterday to impart new wisdom unto the world. “If you piss into the abyss, the abyss will piss back at… Continue Reading →

Pee-Pee Perfection: Kinematics Study from the King of the Urinal

Have you ever been through a situation, where due to your sub-optimal judgment, you got yelled at for pissing all over the toilet seat? Have you ever wondered how those alpha males piss in an unbelievable 5 seconds? Have you… Continue Reading →

“We’re #1” Chants Winning Team, Unaware Of The Piss Affiliation

COLUMBUS, OHIO — After a local little league team’s astounding comeback in the 9th inning of the Small Fry Championship Finals last Saturday, they celebrated in the way they thought anyone else would. With three simple words, those scrappy little… Continue Reading →

The 7 Best Containers to Keep Handy on Long Car Trips

We’ve all been there. You passed a rest stop 7 miles back, knowing full well that you had to pee. In doing so, with the next rest stop 63 miles away, you just secured yourself a golden reason to pee… Continue Reading →

20 Bucks Says You Won’t Piss Right Now

Do it. Do it right now, coward. Piss your pants right now. Do it. Make your dreams come true. Piss. Bet you can’t. I’ve got 20 bucks saying you can’t do it now. Go ahead. I’ll wait for you to… Continue Reading →

St. Louis Man Forced to Resign After Sitting Down to Urinate

(St. Louis, MO)- John Lavine, Department Head of the St. Louis Office of sanitation, made a public announcement regarding his resignation from his position. This shocked many community members, but not as much as they were shocked by why Mr…. Continue Reading →

You Ate Lunch in the Bathroom Stall? I Pissed in the Cafeteria!

I heard that when you were in high school, you didn’t have a lot of friends, so you resorted to eating lunch in the bathroom stall to avoid the embarrassment of sitting alone. But you’re not the only one who… Continue Reading →

Why Does My Roommate Piss on the Bathroom Floor When My Mouth is Right Here?

Thursday night, sometime from 11:18 to 11:34, every single week, without fail. I’m lying in my bed, parched as a leopard in the dry African football off-season, when my roommate climbs down from his top bunk, to go relieve himself… Continue Reading →

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