The World's Leading Collegiate Electric Motorcycle Race Team

Designing, building, and racing electric motorcycles to develop electric vehicle technology, grow awareness of electric motorcycles, and educate members and the community about electric vehicle technology

Buckeye Current is an award-winning motorcycle racing team founded by two students with a big dream. Operating out of The Ohio State University’s Center for Automotive Research, the team pushes the limits of electric vehicles by designing and building motorcycles that have raced, and won, across the world.

The team is comprised of students from a variety of majors who volunteer their time to build the highest performing vehicle possible. Each year brings unique challenges, sleepless nights, and innovative solutions as the team strives toward excellence.


A ground-up vehicle design begins when the team transitions to a new competition. The demands of the particular course drive the requirements and design. If we return to the same competition, we will refine our previous design. The experience and interests of our team and consideration of the support of our sponsors, leads us to decisions on what projects to pursue.


We test and characterize the components we purchase. To make custom components with our limited budget, we purchase raw material, tools, and sub-components. Rarely does the design or integration work perfectly right the first time, but this is work we love to do, and the learning it enables is invaluable. Piece by piece, the bike comes together.



It’s crunch time. We progressively test the full vehicle, from the parking lot then to the Transportation Research Center and finally to the road and track. We have to be innovative in our solutions on the vehicle, finding a balance between cost and performance, without sacrificing safety. We are working with limited tools, space, time, and sleep. But, we only have one shot at the Snaefell Mountain Course or Pikes Peak each year, and we are determined.


The clock starts again. We have 365 days until the next opportunity to prove ourselves. We pour through data and review our rider’s feedback to determine our vehicle’s limitations. We consider the design choices of our competition around the world. We decide whether we will return to the same competition or compete elsewhere and to refine the vehicle or start anew. We formulate a plan and set in motion.