Armadillo Asphalt Apocalypse


Armadillo Asphalt Apocalypse (XNA 2.0)


Nick Obee
Matthew Griffin
Edward Modecki-Mellett


To play the game, you drive the steamroller around any completed roads with the arrow keys, and press space to launch in the direction you are facing and build a road. If an armadillo collides with you or part of the road currently being constructed, then you lose a life and the road is destroyed. An extra life is gained every 3 levels. The goal is to trap each armadillo in an area small enough to be deemed a residential area. Houses appear in a completed residential area to indicate its completion. When all armadillos in a level have been eliminated, the next level begins.


2 thoughts on “Armadillo Asphalt Apocalypse”

  1. to play this game after downloading, unpack the .ccgame file then go into the app.publish folder. Run the setup file and the game should run from there

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