Armadillo Wars


Armadillo Wars (XNA 3.0)


Aaron Ryan – Programming
Autumn Ryan – Artwork


Winner of the XNA week challenge!

The buttons are configured as follows…
left right up and down are the direction keys
fire bullet – space key
roll into a ball – left alt key
player 2
left right up and down – ‘w’ ‘s’ ‘a’ and ‘d’
fire bullet – left cntrl key
roll into a ball – left shift

The idea of the game is to be the last armadillo alive.
If you get too close to another player the two of you will
automatically roll up into a ball (you get scared)

Be careful not to roll into any obstacles, if you collide
with an obstacle while your rolling around you will get knocked
out for a couple seconds making you very vulnerable.

while in a ball you are invulnerable to bullets so rolling up is a good
way to keep your self from dying. In ball mode you are unable to shoot back.

There are different
power ups that will affect you in different ways

spikes – if you get the spike power up you can roll over your enemys to kill
them. Unlike ball mode you are still acceptable to gun fire, so be careful

poison – Its not good, once you get this one its pretty easy to tell this isn’t a good power up

rapid fire – This power up gives you a total of 5 bullets instead of 2

speed – Gives you a short speed boost

Bomb – this one gives you 1 bomb that can be layed on the map. After a couple seconds
it will explode killing ANY nearby armadillos, so make sure to get away!




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