Global Game Jam 2013 Collection

Global Game Jam 2013 saw 3 games made at the Ohio Union jam site.

Wally was made in AS3 by Jun Uzawa, a GCC member. Jump, duck, and flee from an endless barrage of bombs as Wally. The game features a great amount of polish since it was done early. Version 1.1, published after the Jam, includes more balanced gameplay:

Mage Castle Beatdown was made in Unity by two or three locals. Direct projectiles to an enemy tower using rotation tiles to switch their trajectory. This game is (right now) only available for Macs.

Finally, Rolly Polly Beat is a game made in Unity by two locals where you demolish towers of blocks as a rolling ball. You can play it online:

You can also view the GGJ pages for each of these three games here. Remember, you can view the source code for each of these games!:

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