Snake Byte


Snake Byte


Aaron Ryan – Programmer
Peter Tefft – Programmer
Autumn Ryan – Artist


This is a versus remake of the classic hit snake bite.

In this game you must be the last surviving snake in each match. The player with the most
points when the game is over is the winner.

Player 1 Buttons:
up, down, left, right

Player 2 Buttons:
w, s, a, d

Player 3 Buttons:
i, k, j, l

player 4 buttons: (If you can cram that many people on 1 keyboard)
t, g, f, h

This game also supports the wii remote for a 1 player game if the wii remote is previously synced
with the computer via BlueTooth. (Telling the game you have a wii mote connected when you don’t
will cause it to crash)


C# (XNA Game Studio)



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